Build static sites with PHP Plates

It's another Static Site Generator…

… except this one uses the PHP Plates template system!

Use Plates, the native PHP template system to build your static website.

PHP Plates is a native PHP template system inspired by the excellent Twig template engine and is similarly fast, easy to use and easy to extend.

Tapestry has been kept intentionally basic, incorporating PHP Plates for templating remains true to that goal.

<?php $this->layout('template', ['title' => 'Page Title']) ?>
<?php $this->start('page') ?>
<p>Hello <?=$this->e($name)?></p>
<?php $this->stop() ?>

Markdown Extra, Taxonomy Support & Frontmatter

title: Blog Post Title
draft: true
    - Misc
# Welcome
This is a page...

Markdown is an excellent format for writing, Tapestry extends upon that foundation by using Markdown Extra for formatting your content driven pages.

Find out more in the documentation…

Not invented here!

StaticGen has a list of other static site generators available, although to my knowledge Tapestry is the only one to use the PHPPlates template engine.

Static Gen

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